Sex and Relationship Therapy

All couples have difficulties at times – whether you are in crisis or have a longer term problem, therapy can help you to identify the reasons and how you can work together to achieve what you want for your relationship.

Relationships can be a struggle and it can help to have an objective third party to help you resolve your differences and find solutions for a positive way forward.

Sexual problems are surprisingly common, and yet can feel difficult to address. This is such a shame because in many cases the solutions are far simpler and quicker than you might imagine.

You may have a specific problem such as erection difficulties, premature ejaculation, difficulty with penetration, lack of arousal, dry vagina, vulval and/or vaginal pain or lack of interest. It may be that you have generalised issues around sex. Whatever your concern, skilled and experienced therapy can help you achieve a satisfactory resolution, whether you attend individually or as a couple.